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    I'm looking for a dedicated server outside europe

    im looking for a dedicated server outside of europe. And not in the US or UK. For example Ireland,Iceland, Turkey ..... any country is welcome

    Payment should be done by paypal or moneybrookers.

    I would be please if you could help me. thanks!

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    Try they sell servers, that are located in Germany.

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    no you misunterstood me, i DONT want servers in europe or germany, i want servers outside...e.g. finland, denmark, romania, iceland...

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    I don't understand how Finland, Denmark and Ireland are outside Europe

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    Any specific reason why you want the server at those locations?
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    ok im not the best in geographic but the server has to be outside of europe...

    i need a server network which is all over the world. the project is secret

    the server not need any specific specs..

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    What about the US as there is plenty of choice there. The other places worth checking might be Australia (though bandwidth is expensive there) or prehaps Brazil?
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    Brazil sounds good, do you know any provider?

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    Neomon, maybe you want to have datacenters in Russia, for example?

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    russia would be nice to, please post all you know..

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