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    Cheapest server management company?

    well.. i am looking for a cheap server management company. I know PSM is very cheap and they deliver quality services, but i am going to use Plesk. So i need to find a new server management company.

    Anyone suggestions?

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    Cheap isnt always the best way to run. You should maybe list your budget.

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    I honestly can not name anyone out there that will handle Plesk at a rate comparable to PSM. You might have to expand your "Cheapest" range.

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    The cheapest management company is to do it yourself - you don't have to pay anybody - you can put extra few bucks in your pocket...

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    Maybe you can find a freelance admin for a suitable price. Try posting the Employment section, maybe you'll get lucky.
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    I'm sure you can certainly find comparable providers within your budget that support plesk. Do some digging and good luck with your search.
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    The cheapest is not always the best.

    However, if you're really on tight budget, you can consider I have experience dealing with them, and both Tris and Matt are fantastic sysadmins. There is no harm giving them a try, afterall I see their prices are really affordable.

    Thanks and hope that helps.
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    Vari-ableInc, is your business serious, if yes how can you start it from nothing?

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    Trish - I don't think they said they were starting from nothing - but just wanted to get the best management at the lowest price.

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