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    I found a FREE Adult Host !

    It is located at

    Here is the message from their website :

    Let us host an Adult Web site for your business. Unlimited Traffic, SSI, CGI, MySQL, cool web interface, server is always up and reliable. Registration is quick, easy and FREE! We allow TOPs, and all other types of content except for TGPs (TGP are allowed only by our written permission)! Only one text link at the bottom of each page (it could be changed up to two banners at the top and at the bottom of each page)!

    Hope it helps those who need this

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    Re: I found a FREE Adult Host !

    Originally posted by Raydon
    Unlimited Traffic
    Clustered Hosting With Continuous Data Protection (CDP)
    8 Years of hosting excellence!

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    If you use free hosting, prepare to get what you pay for...

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    DId u get a money back guarantee?

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