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    best / cheapest 10mbit dedicated plan?

    anyone got inside scoop on the best / cheapest 10mbit dedicated package.

    something around the 2ghz+, 512MB+ ram and 80+GB hd range.

    Can be anywhere in the world as long as they are english speaking and good connectivity.

    So far looking @

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    641 and i found some good offers today in offers section

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    think of it like you do shopping for a hardware component. you want the most bang for your buck.

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    Yes same, but probability of hardware failing is high on cheaper one than the branded. Also variations in the warranty period and terms.
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    10Mbps is veriable prices, so how much is cheapest in your mind?
    And yes, the best is never go together with the cheapest!
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    Quote Originally Posted by at0mic25
    think of it like you do shopping for a hardware component. you want the most bang for your buck.
    I'm obviously not allowed to say much here - but this makes sense.

    The best happy medium will be someplace in between pure a Cogent and pure Internap network. Good luck in your search.
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