I am looking for a server admin to administer my Redhat/Ensim server at ev1. I currently have an admin but am not too happy with them.

I am looking for someone in the United States and speaks English. I need the server checked and hardened. I'm looking to pay monthly and have hours included for system upgrades. You must be an ADVANCED Linux administrator. One who is familiar with how to handle overload issues and knows how to read server logs to determine hack attempts and abuse.

I am familar with Linux and do the majority of my own administration. I just need someone more advanced than me to help me monitor the server, keep everything up-to-date & secure, & to help me with problems I cannot figure out on my own.

I require that you have AIM and a contact phone number and be accessible 24/7.

Please post your offerings. Please do not bother posting if your company is not in the US. Your techs must also be in the US and speak fluent English.

Also if anyone else is using a good admin that they can suggest please post