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    E-mails and webhost transfers

    I have a website hosted by one company (Canaca) and would like to transfer it to another company. I'm using the site and domain mainly for e-mail. If I do a transfer, it will take about a day for the switch and name propogation. What happens to the e-mail during the transfer?
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    Some email will go to your old server, and some will go to your new server.

    There are two ways to handle this.
    1) Continue to check email on your old server via it's IP address and your new server via your domian name (once your local DNS has changed, new IP address prior to that).

    2) Forward all email from your old server to a 3rd party email address. (gmail, yahoomail, etc)

    Note, the propagation takes ~3 days (not 1) although ~90% will be done in 24 hours... and I've noticed some spammers send to the old server for more than a week.

    What would be nice, is a POP client on the new server that would automatically pull in email from the old IP address, and add it to the local mailboxes.

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    Some emails will be going to your new server, and some emails will go to your old server. You should be able to access the old mail via your IP in webmail.

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    Agree, some mails may end up at your old webhost. Even though DNS is around 48hrs or more, try to keep your old webhosts for the time being as some mails may still get directed there even after 48hrs.
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    Thanks for your responses. I'll use the IP address to check the e-mails.

    Why would e-mails still go to the old server after the DNS transfer is done?
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    DNS transfer takes different times (becuase of ISP's) so maybe if a guy sends you an e-mail and their ISP has updated the record, it will go the new one, but some ISP's that do not update their records so frecuently, may send you an e-mail and their ISP has the old server on their records

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