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    Nameservers setup

    I have a VPS and dedicated box with Plesk. I currently have two nameservrs NS1 & NS2 pointing to the same IP of the VPS. I want to change the NS2 to point to the dedicated box. If all domains on the VPS are not on the dedicated box, will this cause users to not see those websites? At a later date when I have all domains on the dedicated I will make it the primary server.

    With a setup like the one mentions above both boxes should have hostnames that match the same domain, eg. and ? However they would have two different physical addresses.

    Please point me to some good reading on how to use multiple nameservers and the advantages of how to set them up as I am new to this.

    Thank you

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    Name server if hosted on the different servers then the DNS entry for the sites that you are hosting should be in both the servers, so that the domain propogates properly and works fine.

    Yes, it always a good idea to host both your name servers on different servers, so that you can avoid maximum down time.

    Thank you.


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