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    SRS + Domain Locking

    In the SRS domain management system, there is an option to lock the domain but no link or button to actually do so. Is this not fully operation just yet with this system?
    Colin PC
    Insight Eye [UK]

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    You cannot lock or unlock your domain in the public Domain Manager intrface at You can only do so at your RSPs private Domain Manager interface.

    OpenSRS does this to allow the RSP to establish their own business model around locking and unlocking domains. Some charge a fee for this service - others do it for free.

    If your RSP does not have a private Domain Manager interface, you will have to ask them to change the locking state for you in their Reseller Interface.

    myOstrich Internet - OpenSRS Domain Names & Digital Certificates

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    Yes, that makes sense. One more question regarding SRS, I'm sure they had a complete list of domain resellers at one time but now I only see specific list for .biz etc. Is there a comprehensive list for the general domain resellers?

    Thanks in advance.
    Colin PC
    Insight Eye [UK]

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