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    Pops wanted in Chile, Mexico, Peru, Colombia and other countries

    For University ads. We buy pop unders targeted to users in Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, República Dominicana, Mexico, Perú,Puerto Rico, Uruguay and Venezuela. 1/24 freq cap. Minimum traffic: 100,000 pops/day. Please PM

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    I know I might sound stupid - but what are POPs?

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    I'm on the same boat as you!!!!

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    100,000 pops/day ?? That's a lot

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerett
    I know I might sound stupid - but what are POPs?
    Pop unders - those nasty windows that pop when you login to certain sites :-) Pop unders, unlike pop ups, don't block the current site but appear below it.

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    I have a webhosting company based on Venezuela, we can put your pop under page for 15 USD Monthly by Paypal, if you accept I can send you the visit number and the target..

    Waiting Answer.!
    Alejandro Mata
    Ceo & Founder of

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