8 Month Review:

HostFrog signed up with SoftLayer as a dedicated server provider and also to resell SoftLayer dedicated product. I must say that everything has been nothing but perfect with them. At first when we signed up with SL, the pricing levels were a complete wide eye for me. However, when I started looking into the server specs of the machines, the pricing was well worth it. So we figured we would give them a shot after being completely burned by Telx with our own equipment, and getting the shaft from our upstream provider (who the one person run company) when the owner went on vaction right when our whole network went down. Anyways, after the switch to SoftLayer, and dealing with personnel I feel that HostFrog made the right choice.

The network is reliable and very fast. The SL team always updates the customers regarding server maintenance so that is a big plus to me, especially dealing with my own NOC space hands on before. They also have live stats in their customer portal showing the public and private port activity.

SoftLayer has made strides by providing us with security risks and how to correct these risks, even though the server is 100% self managed. I find that a very valuable asset. Also in the customer portal you have a security status which shows you which protection is enabled such as DDoS and the status of boarder routers, Tipping Point IPS and aggregation routers. Very cool IMHO

The support is outstanding. There is basically nothing more I can say about that. If any issue happens, the support team is quick to reply with knowledgable information in a pleasant way, even if the question you ask is completely out of text.

Customer Service:
Amanda has always been there to help when needed, and the rest of the SL staff is great when it comes to resolving issues with your account.

Overall Service:
One word to explain this....outstanding! Good job guys.

So with all this being said, the pricing is high on some of their product but well worth it in the long run.