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    * Migration - Can PSM or someone else do this...

    Hi all.

    I currently have a server with Beachcomber but want to upgrade it with another server (once again with Beachcomber). The only problem and thing that is stopping me is the thought of having to move all my sites across to the new server.

    Current Server
    My current server has two drives (home and backup). On the home drive I have one site (vBulletin forum with around 30gigs of images which supplements the forum). On the backup drive, I have two sites running; one phpbb forum and one normal site with around 50gigs of content in total.

    New Server
    The new server has 2x160gig SATA drives. Ideally, I would like the content moved over as it currently stands on my present server (i.e. home drive would hold the one vBulletin Forum and the backup drive would hold the other two sites).

    I have browsed a few management companies and PSM looks a good bet for me as they state they do site migrations albeit I have to pay $30 for the whole month which is absolutely fine. I just would like to know if they would be able to do the move for me and if anyone has any experience in using their services for migration and the success of the migration service.

    Alternatively, I wouldn't mind spending a whole load more cash on the migration as long as it is done professionally and successfully. I cannot really afford the migration to mess up as I will lose over 5 years of work in the process. If there are better alternatives than PSM, please let me know.

    Just for further info, both servers (new and old) have WHM/Cpanel running.
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    Well in the PSM customer control panel, when submitting a ticket, they have an option for "Server Migration", so I assume they would be able to.

    Maybe you should contact their sales team to verify this first though...

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    PSM is great. Just because the price is low, doesn't mean they can't do the job

    I have used them only once but it was for a server migration from SM-->LT and they did it in a professional way.

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    I don't think this will be a major issue for PSM as long as your servers are both Cpanel and have one of the OS's they support. However I would verify this first with PSM to ensure this is so before you blindly signup with them.

    Great company. Great Question.


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    sorry, complete noob question, who is PSM? Who are some other companies that do server migration?

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    Thank Jerett!

    Dav, I just emailed Easy Server Management to see if they do it. I have used them for about a year and highly recommend them.

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    PSM has done this a few times for me
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    Hi there,
    You can try contacting for their help.

    I just got Tris's help to migrate my clients from my old servers to a new servers, because I needed a better network connectivity from Malaysia to the DC in US. I have quite a number of clients hosted under me and quite a number of them couldn't be transferred in cPanel. Thus, we have to transfer the accounts manually, counter check if everything was done properly... etc.

    It was a smooth transfer with Tris's help. Just email them and see if they can work out something for you.

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