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    European dedicated server needed!

    Hello all, i am looking for a european server. I am looking for recommendations.

    I am really looking for an unmetered connection but a company that offers high amounts of bandwidth is fine.

    Looking forward to see what you have to say.


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    Id highy reccommend - I have been using them for two years and thier network is probably the best I have used, 100% uptime for months and months, not to mention thier pricing. I have multiple servers there, both for myself and for clients and never had any problems. - Quality Web Solutions That Work!
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    I would recommend they have unmetered connections, and are fairly priced.

    Besides that they have a very nice control panel, where you can manage your server like it was sitting in your living room with instant reboots, OS reloads, a rescue system (nice to have when you mesh up your kernel) and lots more

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    Hello Aaron,

    I happen to know that Amen World's servers are located in germany, however their prices seem to be in GBP according to their site.

    But they offer unlimited traffic on a 10Mbps connection on all 12 month orders and a server starts at £29 a month.

    Not sure if thats of any help to you?

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    1,059 have some great deals, not high-end hardware, but fair enough bandwidth quota. Their peering is good for being in Germany. I've one server with them and I've been in contact with support a few times, still no hardware problems so I can't comment on the response time for that issues. Prices are great and the offer auto reload of O/S.
    Just pm me if you want more info or have questions.
    -Mr Bister

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    try eurovps , i beleive they do have dedicated solutions as well

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    what kind of server spec are you looking for and how much you want you to spend?

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    I suggest you try,


    There is whole different ranges of prices etc.. but the speeds are really fast, always 11MB/s, with windows or any other O/S...

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