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    Sometimes don't you just be a host? A good one...

    So often we see those threads about people complaining ridiculous hosts, downtimes, etc etc....Sometimes I just got this thought of wanting to start a host company and be a good one, providing the best service to the "innocents".

    It's sad that there are still many newbies don't know much about hosting and the market is so competitive where there are so many hosts there claiming they can give real good package, unlimited disk space, etc and newbies just love those packages and then eventually post a complain threat everywhere.

    That day I just heard my friend who is new to hosting sign up a hosting that claims to provide 990G disk space. I mean, wtf??? So, newbies believe those???? I spent 30 minutes educating my fellow about the behind the scene of all the overselling stuff and she finally woke up from the dream.
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    Thats very nice of you educating your friend on this matter, I believe thats the reason many hosts did start their own company was because of their bad experiences with their previous hosts, but we all find out it's not as easy as it looks and you will run into many obstacles along your way as your company grows.

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    I like to sign up for those hosting accounts, then me and my friends spend a few days uploading legal media (mostly 'frapped' game clips of us playing) and then we post them on forums and have tons of people download them. Its fun to see our accounts get suspended when we use the '20gb space/200bw bandwidth for $2/month' in the first month.

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    So you spend hours and days uploading, creating, signing up for accounts so they can automatically suspend you from their automated systems and never knew you existed?

    That makes sense.
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