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    How much time do you spend online on your handheld?


    I am debating whether or not set up a website readable by cell phones. I was wondering how much time you guys spend online, be it on your cell phones, smart phones, or PDAs. Also it would be nice to know if you have some sort of unlimted internet access, or if you have to pay by the minute or KB. This will help me to figure out how much of a demand there could be or is.


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    When I had my Sidekick 2 operational (deceased, moved onto an SK3 but I still don't have internet access on that just yet) with unlimited data services, I would easily spend 6 hours a day online on it, as it was very convenient and I could go on at work, home, wherever.
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    Never used a second all my life, waste of money and time.

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    Too much time for my own good. That's why I switched to a normal cellphone (had Kyo's 6035, 7135, ppc 6600-6700, various BB's), but even then, I'm still wapping like there's no tommorow.

    In Canada, we pay by the KB (1xEVDO..U.S. is the same exact thing, billing wise). I know on some older networks, you pay by the minute, so it really depends who you're marketing the website to.

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