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    Dedicated Server with Reseller Software

    Hello WHT,

    I wondered if I could get an answer to the following question.

    We just wondered which is the best OpenSource software available to run a dedicated server and easily setup accounts etc.

    I know Plesk, CPanel, Helm, etc. are all good in their own way but at present we do not wish to purchase these pieces of software until we are happy with achieving what we wish to achieve with the dedicated server.

    Any recommendations you can make would be greatly appreciated.


    EDIT - The server we are looking at comes with FreeBSD and Apache, do any of these packages come with a basic "Reseller" suite?
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    The only one I know is Webmin, which cannot be compared with Cpanel/DirectAdmin.

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    There are a few out there however beware that alot of the majority of opensource/free panels can't really be compared to cpanel/directadmin/plesk/h-sphere in quality as well as stability and ease of use.

    Some that come to mind being ispconfig and web-cp. Keep in mind these are just two that come to mind (of which I wouldn't run either one myself).
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    Webmin... Takes a bit to get set up, and can be a little wonky. But it generally works.

    Have you considered Semi-dedicated Hosting? 4 - 8 accounts per server. Less overhead than VPS, better performance for the price. - 15,000 New Domains a day. indexed by Pagerank, backlinks, Hits, and Length.

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    Might be worth having a look through the ports tree but if it was me I might install DirectAdmin as its cheap and I think you will quickly find the cost outways the time you take setting yourself up
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    Indeed, DA is cheap for you to test with. cPanel has free 14 days trial license. You might want to check, Plesk has 1 domain version for free.

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