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I'll up the stakes a bit too - the first person with a referral commission will receive a bonus of $100.

That's not all!

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"Wow, Bob, there is certainly no way this offer can get any better!?"
"You're wrong Nancy!"

In addition: 3 random WHT affiliate members will win a free year of hosting on our BasicX, plan!

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"Bob, I'm sure you can't even think of another reason I should sign up"
"Wrong again, Nancy!"

There's really no work to be done by you! You earn money just for linking to our site! We have a great reputation for service, wonderfully marketed design, and our plans are priced so sell! There's absolutely no risk involved. Well ... actually the only risk is ... making money! All refferals will actually be tracked for a year ... that means that if you refer someone January 1st, 2007, and they eventually sign up December 31st, 2007, you'll still receive your commission!