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    Need a script like AvidNews, but one that actually works.

    I've had it with AvidNews. Script hasn't worked for me since day one (V2 that is) and I need something with the same basic functionality. Can't seem to get any support from the gents over at AvidInteractive, so forced to replace it.

    Any suggestions?

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    We provided you with support. You were not satisfied with the support, I'll grant you that, but this was due to the fact that our suggestions were based on you making a minor change. I might add, that you admitted that this change worked, you just didn't choose to do it.

    I would also suggest re-reading the EULA before making false claims such as "Can't seem to get any support from the gents over at AvidInteractive" when this obviously wasn't an accurate claim.
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    Actually, from my viewpoint, it's a completely accurate claim and if anyone want's details, be happy to share them via PM.

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