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    Hello fellow webmasters, i would like to seek advice on using photoshop to design websites and it seems that even after silicing up the psd templates and have the files uploaded to the server it seems that it takes some time to load as it is in graphic file format.

    Any ideas how to reduce the loading time while having the psd design up on the website @ the same time.

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    Firstly you create images/graphics in Photoshop not web sites

    Make sure you optimise all images you use on site, the bigger the file sizes the longer the page will take to load.

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    Use no more than four images on your home page. There may be some images you need to use for aesthetic purposes, but use them sparingly. Don't reach for Photoshop every time you need something done; use fancy text or tables with colored backgrounds instead.

    Avoid .psd (Photoshop) files, and other files with less common extensions -- not all browsers support them.

    Use .jpeg or .jpg files for photographs or other complex art and save the .gif and animated .gif formats for simpler files.
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