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    Thumbs up Corporate Identity Special Offer

    The Logo Company Special Offer.

    Real Corporate Identity package $40

    You get:

    Designed logo to your instructions
    Business Card in JPG format (for Off-line Printing)
    Letterhead (Word Format)

    Delivery within 24 hours or pay nothing.

    Logo's designed for $20

    Example of Corporate Id Here

    Example of Logo's Here

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    Anyone use 'em?

    Anyone here use them before for a logo or corporate identity? I'd like to hear from some past customers (and post your logo please)...

    Peachtree WebWorks, LLC

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    I have not used them but it looks like you can only order from templates.

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    It is true that my Company builds logos from templates. It is also true that we build totally unique logos. The templates are there more as a guide to what you want. It turns out that most of the logos we build look nothing like the templates we display. This is because the order form is very intuitive and it allows the customer to give any information that they feel would be useful in creating an individual design.

    We use several programs to create your designs.

    The Logo Creator
    Paint Shop Pro
    Adobe Photoshop

    We provide each logo in several formats (JPG, TIF, GIF) and including greyscale for trademark registry. (Ask for it on the order form..No extra charge).

    If you would like to speak with previous customers...PM me and I will see what I can do. (No gaurantees as I have not asked for testimonials---it is something I will be doing soon).

    Also..we ask for no money upfront. The logo is designed based on what you tell us. We then show you your design before sending you a payment request. We can send this from PayPal or 2checkout.

    There really are no strings attached to this. The logo's are $20 and the Corporate Id special is $40. No more and no less.

    We gaurantee your satisfaction.


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