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    When I first signed up with them in 2003 they were a fine, quick responding company.
    I continued using their reseller program into 2006 but then I began to have lapses in service, responses taking days and days to come back from them.
    The only way you can contact them with a problem is through email.

    Then in the summer of this year my sites began being directed to a porn site when the URL was entered in the address field. Phillip at surrenderonline said it was my machine, putting the blame on me, but in all actuallity they allowed a virus on the server and did nothing to fix it.

    I also exprienced longer and longer down times, which they blamed on old servers and the need for them to upgrade machines sooner. Yeah, right!

    I moved all of my sites, 32 of them, to Hostgator and have been very satisfied.

    Beware of surrenderonline, both services in the US and Australia.


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    Sad to hear your experience with surrenderonline. I had a friend who had the same thing happen to his site with the porn redirects, but it wasn't from the company you had. However happy to hear you are satisfied at HG.

    Side note** You may want to open a ticket at the WHT helpdesk to validate your post, and submit the website you had hosted with them
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    Thanks for the head up for the others.

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    Vulnerable scripts are often hacked and modified so that iframes are added to remote sites where viruses attempt to load themselves onto the machines of clients.

    Nothing really to do with the us. We tried hard to recreate this problem on our side but could not.

    We had a period where the server you had been on had cpu fan problems and took longer than usual to figure out.

    Also had an option to SMS us downtime problems if you did not recieve responses through Email.

    So now how does this reflect every server on our network im sure people reading this and checking other reviews can be the judge.

    Not to mention that your account was deleted of our support/billing system (rendering you no support) for lack of payment over a period of 6 months.

    We are happy that you are happy at HG

    We also respect your business over the past years.

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