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    Need some location advice

    I live in Europe, and currently have a half rack in St. Louis. I'm paying $600 for the half rack with 3Mbps (95th) and 10A. I'm considering a move to somewhere on the east coast to make it a bit easier to visit my servers. My usage is growing, so I would like to minimize bw costs, but I need tier-1. I need good performance to Europe as well.

    I would like to hear your thoughts comparing Atlanta, NY, VA, etc. Any place on the east coast would be easier and cheaper for me to get to than St. Louis.


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    Well if you have traffic coming from Europe, Ashburn, VA and New York are the best bets since those are where most of the links from Europe come through at. The bad thing about Ashburn and New York though is the cost of space and power, first off, Ashburn's main facility is Equinix, which tends to have more benefits but also more costs, and New York is just plain expensive for everything ;-).

    Atlanta is good but probably not as good as you would like. There is a new facility there called AtlantaNAP you could check out. GNAX is probably the biggest host which is moving into that facility.

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    Location is important and if you are lucky and find a place near you then go for it, even if you pay a little more.

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    Thanks for the input. NY is a bit pricey, to say the least. I'll have a look at Ashburn and see what's available.

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    Ashburn will get you good connectivity.

    Anyone that has Telia in their b/w mix would be a good choice as Telia has great european routes.

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