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    Question Any comment?

    I want to get a decent host in Malaysia.

    Anybody here use their service?

    Are they good host? reliable? responsible?

    and how's speed? uptime? (server&network)

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    I've never heard of them, but that does not necessarily mean anything. Have you tried a Google search to see if you can find reviews? They look to be a well-established company, so I am sure there has to be something somewhere.
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    I actually performed a search here on WHT and found a couple of things said about them. If you want ngszeli, you can use the search feature too and maybe the comments that you find there are going to help. Best of luck!

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    Looks like they know what their doing

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    The search feature here doesn't gave me enough info, most are outdated....

    Google is too commercial, I hope that I can get unbiased opinion from real users here.

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    have not heard of them.... but sometimes, no news is good news.
    I would not pay for a year or sign a contract.
    unless you can find someone reputable with similar package and budget in Malasiya
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    bump, any more comments?

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