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    Streaming media

    Hello everone 1st post here,nice looking fourm folks!!

    Ok im planning on building a Video streaming server and hosting from home, as i been looking around here i notice a lot of web hosting/managing sites.
    The site will consist of about 400 movies pay per view.Im thinking its going to have very close to 500G (of WMV,REAL,QT and perhaps Divix) of compressed data.
    Will having someone else host & manage be better then doing it myself, would lets say a business DSL or OPTIMUM business connection handle the bandwith, since there going to be full movies? i want to send out the hightest possable bandwith without crashing.What might be the difference in price for that?

    Im really a video editor and have built many systems but never a server ,how strong should this be? Also to keep cost down i would love to be able to do this with some 10,000 RPM W.D RAPTORS on a RAID-10 or 5. Should i have to go SCSI???

    Whats the best OS to host this on, im hope to stay in the windows family but willing to learn if its a must, i have a few people going to help keep it safe from hackers etc!!

    Thanks for any feed back folks!!!

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    With regards to the server hard drives, I would choose SCSI over SATA anyday. Its much better when serving intensive services like multiple streams of video at the same time.

    With regards to OS, it depends what application and/or software you are intending to use to stream the video's. Either Windows or Linux are only as secure as the system administrator makes it. Linux is a bit more secure out of the box, but I wouldnt trust either operating system's out of the box without being secured and hardened. - Quality Web Solutions That Work!
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    How fast of an upload wil you get from yoru Busines DSL service or Optimum Connection?

    Depending on how fast your connection you might have a bandwidth problem.

    For example, I stream some shoutcast servers @ 192Kbps...with only 70 conections I easily hit abotu 14Mbps outbound.

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    also you may want to take into consideration is copyright.. this could bring you down like a ton of bricks

    to be honest if you want to have over 400 videos that totals 500GB your going to need to have atleast a 100mbps connection to deal with the demand.

    good luck

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    Opitmum said around 30mbps i have no ##`s from verizon yet.

    I have not looked into what program i should stream with yet,got a few??

    The videos have no copyright.

    Were going to have 400 movies but now that i really think about it that should only total around 200-250G.So at 1st i think i should be ok, Im worried about the bandwith issue!!

    Im thinking of using a 2 old AMD 1600MP with 1G of PC-3200 DDR whould that be up to the task??


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    well how you stream the servers is going to depend on your hardware...if its mainly just "static" hosting then that hardware should be fine....I'd suggest using something like lighthttpd to server the files though.

    30Mbps should be decent to start out on, the only problm that you will face, is if your provider has a problem, then that means that everyone who uses yoru service will have a problem...if you use a hosting company on multi-homed badwidth then they have the ability to route your customers around the problem.

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    Alright - I am sorry, but anyone here suggesting a residential cable connection would suffice should just resign from making recommendations.

    MikeMike - there are a number of variables that go into making the appropriate choice when it comes to a provider. When streaming video online you need to consider things like:

    How many simultaneous visitors do you want to plan for?
    How long do you expect each user session to last?
    Will they be watching videos that were compressed at 300Kbps or 700Kbps?
    Does your media require DRM (Digitial Rights Management)?

    Now based on these very basic questions you can begin to draw a picture of your actual needs, then grow it from there.

    Bottomline - if you are serious about your venture, leave the networking and system management end to professionals that know the technology.

    To suggest anything else would be to lead you down a long and unfortunately disappointing road.

    If you'd like to discuss the solution further by providing relevant details beyond your storage needs, let me know. I'd be happy to help you.

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    That 30Mbps you said mike, is that upstream or downstream?

    If its upstream it should be ok to start on, but if you really grow and want reliablity you need to look at dedicated hosting.

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    Just try to stay with a Month-to-Month DEAL , this will geive you more flexibility down the road.

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