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    What is Create Package

    I have only used Create New Account inside WHM. What is Create a Package?

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    as far as i know (dont hold me to this) create new package is a default set-up for a "plan" that can be assigned to users

    im not 100% sure

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    You'll need to create a package defining space, bandwidth, number of emails..etc.. to be able to create an account.

    On the Create an account page, you'll find a field for "package" after you create the package, it'll appear in that field so you can choose it
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    I assume packages is a simple way to manage new accounts. So, what happens when you create a new account and choose those items manually then choose a package? Priority goes to the package or to teh manual setttings during a new account creation?

    Thanks for the replies. So far, I have created 2 accounts but no packages. Is this going to cause any issues in the long run?

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    It will not cause any problems, creating packages will not change the already set accounts.
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