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    help in moving to a vps

    Hi guys....and thanks for a great forum....I have several questions that I could really use some help with....

    I have a website on a shared hosting account, my hosting comapany suspended my account saying its using up too many resources, now i find that strange because my website only gets about 900 users per day max, and uses 40 gb bandwidth per month. The heavy usage maybe due to php scripts and databses, i have forums, chat and a picture gallery installed, but nothing out of the ordinary....

    now my question is, should i move to a vps? and if so, i need a cheap, but good hosting company, also a managed account cause i havent got a clue about running servers. my budget is only 25$.

    another question is about the os of the vps.

    some vps hosts let you choose your os like cent, fedora, debian, whats the difference between them, and is there one which is recommended?

    another question about the cpanel. my current shared hosting uses Cpanel, so if i choose a panel which is different eg:direct admin on my vps, will i be able to transfer my website properly? I had a major problem recently when transfering a website to a new host, both were using Cpanel, but after the transfer the new Cpanel showed all the info(disk space, bandwidth, sql etc) from the old host. my guess is that the cpanel information was also moved as i used the "full backup" feature available on Cpanel.

    one last question to do with mysql. does vps come with mysql, or do I have to purchase and install that seperatly? mysql is a big headache because if different versions are used when moving, the encoding gets all messed up for non english data.

    thanks for your help..........

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    wow, thanks for all the replies....Im overwhelmed............

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    the main problem is your budget $25 for a managed VPS IMO isnt possible
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    um....ok, ive been looking at the offers section and some hosts like knownhost and and do offer managed or semi managed hosting for around 25$.....

    so whats the differnece between semi and fully managed? will they install programs like phpmyadmin and imagemagic etc??

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