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    Help with my VPS and Review for PowerVPS Service


    I started my LINUX CPANEL POWER-1 ($44.50/mon) with PowerVPS from June 2006. I run my IPB forum on it. I did have installed 3 subdomains on it. But I didn't really show those subdomains to the public. I have 4 mysql databases. The one with IPB forum is over 300M(utf-8 encode, latin1 collation). I have over 4000 users. Generaly, there are 20 - 60 users online concurrently during the peak time. Most of my users are from China, Japan, European. Everything was ok from June 2006. About three weeks ago, PowerVPS had a network maintenance or server maintenance and I upgraded to a new version of IPB forum program. From then on, I kept receiving complains from my users. They did feel the speed to access my forum is slower than it was about one month before. The problems that they have now are:

    1) They can view the topic list but can't open the post (the web page).
    2) They need to use proxy to browse the forum (it never happened before).
    3) When they click the post link, they got blank page.

    I am in usa. So I only have the problem 1) sometime. I didn't do any tweaks to my VPS. I am not a real technical guy. I leave it as it were.

    I reported my issue to the supporting team. They told me that my VPS consume a lot of memory. See, my users can't access my forum and everyday there are less than 30 persons concurrently browsing my forum during the peak time. Why did it still consume so much memory? I used shared web hosting plan before I started my VPS. At that time, the server can support 20-40 users online concurrently during the peak time. Now I pay much more for a VPS. but I didn't get what I should have.

    My questions are:

    1) is it possible that they transfer me to another reseller?
    2) is it possible that they downgrade my service, which means that I didn't get what I pay for.
    3) how can I check what kind of service that I currently have?
    4) is there anyway that I can tweak my VPS and get better performance.
    5) I don't care how fast that I can access my forum. I do care that my users from China, Japan, European, who can access it faster than I do without using proxy.

    Review with PowerVPS:

    fast reponse time
    early notification of power outage or other issue with server
    good support team


    In less than 4 months, there are more than 4 times power outage and 2 times hardware failure.


    Please help me with this issue.


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