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    Question Changing MX entry


    Need some help

    I'm hosting a website on my server, but the customer wants to manage their own mail server. So they provided me with an IP address. So I tried to change the mx entry through Cpanel to that IP address. It did not work. Later I found out that I would need to have a name rather than IP. But how do I do that?

    Also, I've read you can change the mx entry using the original registrar like NetworkSolutions using advanced DNS entry. The question is where do I change it: in CPanel or using the NetworkSolutions advanced DNS ?

    Thanks in advanced.

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    If your domain is and IP of email server is IP:

    1. define new A host in DNS: with IP

    2. delete all MX hosts

    3. create new MX host for to point to

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    Also make sure to add the domain in /etc/remotedomains. Then remove the domain from localdomains manually or run /scripts/mailperm

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    thanks for your replys, do I need to change anything with NetworkSolutions where that domain name is registered?

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    no need to change this with your registrar, just need to add these two zone entries with your nameservers(through cpanel) IN A x.x.x.x IN MX 10

    NOTE: Remove all mx entries and also remove the domain entry from your mailserver as the mails will try to delivery local mailbox.
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    another question, after doing this, do i have to wait until the the DNS propagates or does it work right away?


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    If you change a DNS zone there will be some propagation time.
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    /\ thanks,

    now when I go look at the mx entry (using for the domain: and i wanted let say to be the new ip

    i get
    Host Name:
    IP Address
    TTL 14400

    that host name and ip do not look right. or maybe i should just wait maybe it has not progiated yet. any ideas.

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    When making DNS changes you can always use the "dig" command line tool (part of the BIND package) to query a nameserver directly. This will ensure that you are not seeing the results of caching and so there is no propagation delay.

    So if your nameserver is, and your client's domain (the one you're switching mx entry for) is, type the following in the Linux shell:

    dig mx
    This means you want to look up the "mx" type record (must be lowercase). You should get a reply that looks something like this:

    ; IN MX

    ;; ANSWER SECTION: 86400 IN MX 10


    ;; ADDITIONAL SECTION: 86400 IN A 86400 IN A

    The "QUESTION SECTION" simply indicates the query you were making. You want to know the MX record for

    The "ANSWER SECTION" is the answer to your query. The DNS server has replied that is the MX host for that domain. The "10" (may be some other number) is the priority for that MX server (since there can be more than one for redundancy).

    The "AUTHORITY SECTION" means that is indicating that it is the authority for that domain and not simply relaying that information from somewhere else.

    The "ADDITIONAL SECTION" provides IP addresses for the hosts in the other sections. Here you can see that has an IP address of

    If you don't get a result back from the dig request (in which case the QUESTION section is there but not the others), or your results don't match, there is still something wrong with your config.

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