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    Stargate Reseller Interface

    I have a stargate reseller account and am not having much luck with support and wondering if someone can help me out.

    I added 1 payment gateway and realized I added the wrong type. There appears to be no ability to remove it. I've since added 2 more, 1 PayPal and 1 2Checkout and yet these new payment gateways do not show up on my reseller domain page.

    I've followed the directions as for clearing out my cache/temp files. I've also gone into admin control panel to tools -> reload supersite -> payment types (I've tried all) and I've gone into the Settings -> Customized Super Site and reloaded all the setting through that. No luck.

    Anyone have any experience that they can offer assistance?


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    I figured it out - it was staring me in the face...


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