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    * UNBELIEVABLE SPECIAL, 15 DAYS LEFT: 8gb Disk, 150gb Bandwidth FOR UNDER $9!!

    ReliableSite.Net would like to present you this special only available to you WHT folks. This offer won't be available for long -- Expires Oct 31st!!

    You can host 100 seperate domains with 1 account!

    Disk Space: 8000 MB
    Bandwidth: 150 GB/month
    Domains: 100
    Domain Aliases: 100
    Sub Domains: 1000
    Control Panel: Yes
    24/7 US-Based Support: Yes
    99.9% Uptime Guarantee: Yes - Click Here for Uptime Stats
    15 Day Money Back Guarantee: Yes

    Addresses: 500
    POP3 Accounts: 500
    Multi-Recipient Address List: 5
    MRA List Size: 100 Addresses
    SPAM Filtering: Yes
    Webmail: SmarterMail 3.x

    Statistics Software: SmarterStats

    Database Type: MS Access / mySQL / MS SQL
    mySQL Version: mySQL 5.x
    MS SQL Server Version: MS SQL 2005
    mySQL / MS SQL Databases: 100
    Access Databases: Unlimited
    mySQL / MS SQL Database Users: 100

    ASP 3.0: Yes
    ASP.NET 1.1: Yes
    ASP.NET 2.0: Yes
    PHP 5: Yes
    Front Page Extentions: Yes
    Custom Error Pages: Yes
    FTP: Yes
    File Manager: Yes

    Yearly: $8.95/month
    Monthly: $9.95/month
    Setup Fee: None

    This special is only available through this link. It is not advertised on our website!
    Click Here to Order w/mySQL
    Click Here to Order w/MS SQL

    Speed Test: 32 MB Test File

    Latest Review:

    1. We own all of our servers, we are not a reseller.
    2. Our servers are connected to the best bandwidth available, don't believe us? Try the test file.
    3. 24/7 Support thats truly always there, replies within 1 hour!
    4. On site techs, to minimize server downtime.
    Feel free to post any questions you may have.
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    I am interested in your hosting services but have a few preliminary questions:

    1) Do you use Cpanel?

    2) I am running a forum (Invision Board), do you have any sites currently hosted that also run a forum, so I can check for speed?

    I downloaded the 32MB test file which was fast, however ping times to your server are around 100ms, and my current hosts pingtimes are about 20ms. I am concerned that the additional latency would make a forum run slower.


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