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    Vertivo Hosting Experience

    It seems that nobody has post their experiences with Vertivo here yet, so I gonna put one.

    Actually, I have been with them less than a week for a reseller account. So far, I like what I get so much. Monique has been sooo helpful in assisting me to transfer some of my clients.

    Although the support was not as fast as my other host, but she still answer ticket under 12 hours. With a good package, great support, I like to wih vertivo all the best and keep doing the good thing.

    I will update you all how my adventure here goes...

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    That is great to hear that you are happy with them. Especially since no one has posted regarding their service. Please do keep us updated as time goes on and let us know how they are doing. Kudos to Vertivo for a good review!
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    Thank you for your Great review, If you find right host, stick with them for long. Also please keep us updated.
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    Hi edu4vision,

    Thanks for your kind comments! Im glad to know youre pleased with our service so far.
    As for our support response times, they have been a little slower than usual this week as one of our support techs has been unable to turn in for his shift this week due to unavoidable circumstances, but as soon as we're full-staffed again we'll be back to our usual sub-3 hour response times.
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