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    Internet Journalists/Columnists Wanted for Webmaster Articles

    Hello all,

    We are an Australian based online search engine magazine, which mainly provides search engine news, e-commerce resources, webmaster know how articles, etc. We are looking for a series of webmasters who knows how to write technically and friendly for our readers.

    If you are professional in webmastering skills, we want you! Are you good in web design (CSS, Photoshop, Flash, etc), web developer, web server management (linux, ISS, etc), reviews of webmaster tools, scripts, popular websites? We only want those who love writing, teaching others and expressing opinions and thoughts; not those who are writing to earn money solely. We know how to distinguish a boring article.


    - Web Design (Major skill in CSS, Photoshop, Flash, Web Graphics, etc) Writing know-how articles for readers.

    - Web Development (Major skill in PHP, ASP, JSP, etc) Writing know how articles for creating common scripts, solving bugs, etc.

    - Web Server (Major skill in server management in Linux and Windows, writing know how articles for taking care of web server such as security measurements, monitoring, etc)

    - Reviews of tools and softwares and websites (Columnist wanted to write reviews on popular webmaster tools, scripts, softwares and websites.

    Requirements & Conditions:

    1. Must have professional English writing skills, able to write technically but still friendly to non-technical readers.

    2. Mimimum of 1,500 words per article, with proper article layout (introduction, sub-topics, images, conclusion). Know-how articles should not be personal opinion articles but research, tutorial.

    3. Personal blog related to the column content is a plus. It is a good way to add value and trust to a columnist.

    4. Columnist will have a dedicated author page with personal biography and photos.

    5. Articles will be published online and will get published in local magazine. Therefore, you'd possibly get your name printed in local magazine here in down under, a good experience.

    6. Prior in writing, research should be done widely to support your article. Proper reference page should be made (bibliography).

    7. Unique content only, no copycat!

    How it works?

    Contact us for your interest. Negotiate a topic, and start writing. Upon finishing, send us the draft, we will review and provide feedback to you for any changes, if needed. Articles should be written in Word format.

    Once everything is set, we will contact you for the payment. Payout is done per article. You can negotiate the pricing with us. Standard pricing range for know-how articles range from $30 - $80. The pricing depends on the quality (length, information, uniqueness, popularity) of your article. Payment is sent by Paypal.

    Contact us at: [email protected] by sending your brief resume. As stated above, bloggers who blog about webmaster content are extremely welcomed!!
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