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    Question Dedicated Server in Australia and Europe


    I need to find a dedicated server based in Australia (Melbourne if possible), and in Germany or Denmark.

    Specs are as follow:

    CPU: AMD based (Dual Opteron)
    RAM: 1 GB min
    HDD: Above 120 GB
    Bandwidth: At least 500 GB, 1 TB would be nice or 10 mbps unmetered

    O/S: FreeBSD 5.3
    Mangement: Cpanel or Plesk

    Not too sure about budget though
    Must offer remote reboot!


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    You won't be able to get 1TB in Australia mate, unless you are very rich. However, for your those European countries, you'll be able to find dirt-cheap NOCs.

    You can try, but they are very expensive (compared with US NOCs, but cheap compared with other AUS NOCs).

    For unmetered bandwidth it's 550 extra per month, which is the best way to go, otherwise you can pay $80 per GB if you'd like?

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    Do you conisder getting one in U.K?
    Regards, Rumi
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    Actually depends, since I don't have anyone in the UK If the price is good and u except euro as payment than, yeah why not

    It's the second time that I was told I won't get TB in Australia, the first one is at another forum. Hmm, than I guess it's true it's expensive there i guess

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    So you are mentioning these countries because you have someone available over there? If you would take kvm over ip in addition to your server, you would be much less dependend of others. The isp would handle hardware failures I presume.
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