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    Servage bandwidth to Asia

    Many of my visitors are from Japan. I have a reasonably high-bandwidth site which I am hosting at Dreamhost, which has been a very good experience so far. I would like to add mirrors for image hosting purposes though. Should I assume that Europe to Asia is just too far and hosting at Servage would be slow? Or are the connections solid?

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    hmmm, in my opinion often europe to asia are not as good as usa to asia, but am not sure about servage speed. i think you can give a try for one or two months.

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    There few host offer server in Hong Kong, cheaper price, have you try searching the WHT?
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    I had a really bad experience with servage dont use them . The will delete your site and wont tell you any reason. They offer High bandwidth but if you starts comsuming 4 GB a day they will terminate your account without any reason so beaware of them
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