The offer on the table is 20u w/ 10A power (80% useable) and 2 mbits for 450/mo. Extra bandwidth would be billed at 50$/mbit, and a one year contract would be required. Higher bandwidth commits will yield better per mbit pricing.

One 10/100 ethernet drop is provided, however gigabit is available if its needed; mrtg graphs would be used to monitor the bandwidth at the port. IP's would be alloted according to needs with jusitification. You would get 24x7 access to your space, and also have the HE 24x7 support staff at your disposal for reboots, remote hands, etc. There is also a 99.9% network uptime guarantee. Cpanel is available for 35$ per license.

My email address is morgan [at] blackhawkit [dot] com if anyone is interested - I cannot guarantee how long this spot will be open for. Please drop me a line or just post a reply if you have any questions.