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    LINUX/FREEBSD Server Security & Management

    For more information visit and speak to a live representative or email [email protected]

    All Inclusive Server Management Plan

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    Initial Services Setup:

    * Security audit to assess possible vulnerabilities
    * Install and configure Mod_security for apache
    * Install and configure Mod_evasive for apache
    * Limit compiler & fetch utilities access to root only
    * Correct folder permissions to prevent directory transversal on unprivileged users
    * Logwatch installation/configuration
    * Host.conf & sysctl hardening
    * Enfore Noexec, Nosuid temporary directory's
    * RkHunter Installation.
    * Installation and configuration of APF FireWall
    * SPRI (System priority) installation
    * Kernel Upgrade
    * SSH Hardening
    * High Security Services Monitoring Setup (SIM)
    * Active Load Monitoring
    * Port Monitoring with Hacker-Detection
    * We upgrade all your pre-installed software to the latest stable version released by your OS/Software vendor.
    * Proc Security Hardening
    * Deactivation of Unused/Insecure Services

    Included Services:

    * 24/7 Security Monitoring
    * 24/7 support via Trouble Ticket
    * Up to 12 hours of Systems Administration work per month per server
    * Consultation via Trouble Ticket regarding future hardware/software purchases
    * 3rd Party Software Installation
    * Log Monitoring for unusual activity
    * Manipulation of Firewall Rules based on Log activity
    * Security Updates as released by OS and/or Control Panel
    * Consultation with a security expert on matters requiring customer action

    Services Monitored:

    * Apache
    * Bind DNS
    * FTP
    * SSH
    * POP3
    * SMTP
    * Control Panel

    Supported Operating Systems:

    * Redhat, Fedora, CentOS, Debian, Slackware, Gentoo, SuSe, Mandrake
    * FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD
    * Sun Solaris

    Supported Control Panels:

    * cPanel, Plesk, Ensim
    * DirectAdmin
    * H-Sphere
    * Webmin

    Price: $75
    We accept all major credit cards

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    For more information visit You may also email [email protected] or speak to a live representative on live chat at

    Thank you.
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