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    server have a problem

    hello all,

    my server was down when i was in a ssh and i take a print screen to a top when it down , before about 3 hour it make restart by it self, and now it make down by it self,
    what do u think is a problem ?
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    your server was running hard on mysql and httpd. probable that was the reason why your ssh session got frozen and you might have been able to get back in when the cpu usage declined.

    check for dos attacks and potential vulnerabilities for any CMS used in the server

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    when you get back in as root, check your logs. If your load was high, or DdoS attacks were they cause, you may need your server optimized, and proper security put in place mod_evasive, Iptables ect..

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    sounds like a typical occurance of a ddos attack - check your bind log for a count on your uniques and see if you had an abnormal influx of traffic or UDP packets pinging your server - if so, then reconfig or consider outsourcing to a more secure network for redundancy
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