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    * How easy is it to navigate my review site

    I implemented this site to help review web hosting companies. I got sick of scamming reviews saying top 10 hosts who are nothing but affiliates.
    my site is basically so that clients can give reviews on their web hosting providers. based on six main points they get their stars. I would like to see if it is easy to navigate, undertand, and if it is any useful.
    Also what do you think would make it better?
    the site is

    Web Hosting Review - Real Reviews by Real People Submit your company and get a link to your site, Read Reviews GET YOUR Voice HEARD and REVIEW your HOST NOW!!! Check out our IT Blog Tips & Tricks

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    I'd say go for a re-design. I can't really read the logo, and the colors are just too old fashion for me. I like the setup of the reviews though, and the backend is nice. - Performance should be noticeable - VPS Hosting at its best. - Affordable & Reliable Shared & Master Reseller hosting services

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    Its very informative, tho I must agree that the BG is wraps the entire page. You cant almost admire the info that you are publishing because of the yeallow BG its too irritating for me. And yeah the title text is too old fashioned. try to have favicon, it will look more cool.

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    you could improve navigation by adding jump links, i.e: skip to main content; top of page..etc

    good luck

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