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    My new Web wanted

    I have created a new web application and was looking for some opinions, reviews, and suggestions to improve it.

    Before I give the URL, this is software that enables real estate (or used cars, etc.) companies to list their own listings on their web site. It allows them to make changes live to their site, AND it allows each real estate company to have different criteria from another company (ex.: one company wants to show the Price, while another one wants the customer to call....both are possible). is the URL. Please be sure to look at the templates and the live demo. I am going to disable some of the features of the demo, but I haven't done it yet. I wanted you to be able to use them to try it out.

    Also... I am thinking about some kind of affiliate/referral program where I would pay a referral fee for someone that refers a client to me. It would be somewhere around $50-$100 per referral.

    What are your thoughts?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hi there,
    looks like a good start.....
    Have you developed this because you just had an idea for it, or did a company request it??

    I know a lot of real estate companies around where I live have implemented their own systems(although I dont know the extent of this) , but hopefully you will have luck with yours.......

    ANyway, I had a quick look through the templates and the admin.......Like I said earlier, it is a good start.....The templates, and viewing options could do with some more detail and content.......and some general prettying up....

    cheers and good luck

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    You've got an expected run time error on the front page in the HTMl of line 118. You amy wana get it fixed up.

    Anyway, nice clean site you've got there. You've got some good content and I don't really have much to comment on this site.

    Good work.

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