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Thread: Buying a Server

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    Buying a Server

    After looking around at resellers and all the wonderful comments about them, I'm wondering why people don't buy their own servers (and if they can't administer them, couldn't they hire someone, or for partnership with them for less hassle, and ultimately cheaper?) Does anyone know where to buy a good server, and is it unwise to buy used? Also, does anyone know where I could find a System Admin. that might be interested in teaming up with me (I do sales and business end), and they get residuals on all clients for as long as they remain clients? Thanks, Odessa

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    Great idea!
    I would like to share my domain name .

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    I think I just might be interested in that. I'll e-mail you or PM you.
    - joey

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    Remember that the server is actually the small part of the equation.

    Let's say you buy a great server (or even a used server.) Well that's all good and fine, but now you have to get good connections for it. Do you have a good local colocation facility (where if it fails you can drive to the place and fix it?) If it fails at 4 AM on a Sunday night, do you want to drive there and fix it. How will you monitor it? Will you have others available to fix it if you're on vacation or not available? What about spare parts? Will the colocation facility have the parts for your system that fail? You now have to have spares in case of failure. If you hire a tech, what happens if he goes on vacation and a software glitch occurs at that moment. You need a backup plan for this as well. So that's the reason why people look to managed or dedicated hosting first, as it does take a lot of planning and some $ to get a good backup plan (for everything) together.
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