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    Appraisals Please, few good domains!

    few domains id like people to give appraisals on, all should be considered undeveloped with only the odd hit every now and then.

    First up are Modernbill related, i originally planned to develop these 4 together but due to other work commitments (and family) i can no longer spare the time:

    Either as a set or individually.

    Next up are a set of 2 domains which again i originally planned to develop but cannot spare the time anymore.

    Either as a set or individually.

    Rest are just random or single domains so feel free to ignore these or if you can spare the time give an appraisal.


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    I think the threee winners are:

    I wish I could put a value on them. From what I've seen lately, people are paying more for the Google PR than they are for the name itself. It's almost like you have to develop the site to get the full domain value.

    Probably a couple hundred each for those three though.

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