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    I'm thinking of starting an online radioshow about hosting with reviews; hosting commercials, etc.

    I am welcoming at this time the following:
    -Anyone with a microphone who would like to help read reviews, etc.
    -Any hositng company who wants a free advertizing spot (30-60 seconds), however you must make your own or have one made an advertizment
    -Any hosting company to be reviewed

    It will be pre-recorded.

    Cool idea?

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    there was once a webhostingradio, and it was great. It was partially information (hosting news, interviews with companies, etc), and partially entertainment (prank calls to hosts).

    You need to keep it unique and interesting. With just the points you provided, it sounds like it would be pretty boring.

    Good luck with the project.

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    Thanks, Heres my ideas...
    We can have a few shows on a rotation, one for free hosting, one for paid? I dont know... but all of our shows can include:

    • Hosting Reviews
    • Host Of The Week
    • Company Interviews
    • Hosting Commercials
    • Host News
    • Hosting Software Reviews/Discussion
    • Hosting Discount Codes?
    • Hosting Jokes, Prank Calls
    • Hosting Ideas?
    • Call In Reviews
    Well, what do you think?
    I'm gonna need an assistant manager to help me with this; any help is appreciated.

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