Goscomb Technologies Limited is pleased to offer FREE setup on 10Mbps unmetered colocation deals to WHT members. Space is currently available in our iP House PoP in the London Docklands.

  • 2U rackspace (single server)
  • Unmetered & uncontended bandwidth
  • 10Mbps FD switch port
  • IP addresses according to justification
  • APC Reboot Port
  • UPS & Generator Power Protection
  • Reverse DNS configuration
  • FREE port monitoring (e-mail alerts)

Just 140 + VAT per month!

Goscomb Technologies Limited runs its own BGP4 redundantly routed network (AS39326). All servers are connected to an internal ring providing layer 2 redundancy (ports on seperate switches are available for an extra fee). At least 2 routers configured to serve the default gateway of your subnet and are independantly connected to seperate switches on the ring.

Our current transit providers are:
  • NTT/Verio
  • Tiscali
  • Gyron
  • EntaNet
  • C4L
  • Sovex
  • MerieX

Our network information page and looking glass is available at http://as39326.net

Should you have any questions or wish to place an order please email [email protected].