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    Suggest PLZ , are they real or scamer ? good ?or bad?

    Hi can u plz help me about this company

    only bad threads i heard about it it was that they have bad support and never check if u canceled or bla bla bla. im opening a Gaming server provider , im actually going for steadfast but when i saw this it made me think twice heh , they have very nice deals but i need some feeeedbacks plz ty

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    Well overall, steadfast is going to be your better bet for a number of reasons.

    First, they are in CHicago, which is a pretty central locations. That means good ping times for pretty much everyone.

    Also, their network is really good.

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    They have been around for a few years...

    Creation Date of their domain: 04-Jan-2001

    That gives them something...

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    CalPOP is connected throughout the world via OC192 internet backbone fiber. CalPOP operates several networks and interconnects networks via BGP4 via CISCO 12000 GSR and JUNIPER routers. CalPOP offers true multi-homed gigabit connectivity with gigabit connections to Level 3, Williams, Mzima, Global Crossing, and XO. CalPOP has fiber to the PAIX and EQUINIX peering fabrics and is located at: 600 W. 7th Street in Downtown Los Angeles - this is where AOL peers in LA and where you can cross connect to nearly any provider. CalPOP offers both quality network connectivity with private peering and also offers low cost and reliable network connectivity.

    A very impressive website for CalPop

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    Yeah, they have nice prices, anyone ever had an experience with them before ? or heard any rhumors about bad support/service/long downtime??

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