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    * Whois history: any alternative to


    I did a seach for *domaintools* / Whois AND history, couldn't find any alternative so far...

    However I found something I don't really like:
    Quote Originally Posted by doiuf AKA is run by NameIntelligence, who openly state that they sell information to various registrars. See

    I would avoid them like the plage. Use instead
    Also DomainTools is a bit expensive for me because I need information about domains quite rarely.

    At the same time I wondered if there are some other similar (more or less public, paid or not) archives that might have records for some domains that DomainTools doesn't have (I just searched for some domain that was registered in July and there're still no records for it at

    I know about, but I think it doesn't offer any records of actual whois information (registrant info)

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter66 / are pretty good. I've been using their free service for a while. One concern, does the domain history service mean anon registration services are useless? If you convert your domain registration to an anon registration after registering a domain, the history will still be available on various sites that record domain history.

    <- interesting thread, but no other services except mentioned... does anyone know any other except

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    My understanding is that NameIntellegence provides whois services for a number of registrars. That's how they make money. When someone conducts a whois at NI or one of their clients this whois info is captured & stored. The history database is incomplete as if no one did a whois then the info is not captured. So...don't do a whois before you apply WhoisGuard.

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    I really dont think they should capture peoples whois records like that i think its an invasion of privacy.

    When your new to domains you just dont realise just how easy your records are made public.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan541
    I really dont think they should capture peoples whois records like that i think its an invasion of privacy.
    HOW exactly this is invasion to your privacy? Have they got any connection between your person and searches you've made using their interface? Have they got your name, address, phone, social security number, credit card? Are they selling this information to third parties?
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