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    Wanted: Logo and Flash Headers

    We recently decided to redesign to make it show better on higher resolution screens. Part of the discussion revolved around the possibility of sourcing the work to an outside party, so I figured we would give it a whirl here first.

    What we are looking for is basically 4 part:

    1. A new logo design : Something fresh, yet uniques that will look as good on paper as it does on the screen.

    2. Flash Headers: This will be the header on the front page and will include the logo. This is the main reason we are considering subbing the work, we suck at flash. We don't want a copy of hostrocket or such, but something of equal quality.

    3. Normal Headers: This would be the headers that would show up on any other pages. It will also be used to integrate the look with scripts such as our help desk script, and 2checkout forms.

    4. Footers: This is probably not even worth mentioning, since we could easly just us a table to provide this, but if you can do something simple and nice, then it's certainly a value add.


    I personally like the blues that are on the site now, but would certainly entertain other color schemes. As long as everything flows together well, I think we will be ok.

    We will need all forms of the images created, Flash source files, PSDs, etc... and are NOT looking for a template that others may at some point purchase. (This MUST be exclusive)

    If you are interested, please feel free to email me personally ([email protected]) with links to your work, any rough drafts of concepts you may think will work, and your price points.

    If there are any specific questions about the request, please post them here so that others can see the answer.

    Johnathan Brandon
    President - BeGlobal, Inc.
    jbrandon (at)

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    Let us take charge of the logo for you, ok?

    Here is our gallery .

    Thanks for the opportunity to help.

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