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    Online Dating (Portal) Website

    www [dot] Where To Date [dot] net

    I would appreciate any feedback on this website. It was created using a template/backend script originally built to make online gambling websites. With new laws in the US, I felt the need to expand into online dating.

    I am very disappointed that this website has yet to sell, or had near the interest that the online gambling sites do. It has been more profitable during testing than any of our online gambling websites, as the market is far less saturated. Still, I have hardly had even a bite on it.

    Please criticize and don't hold back! If there is another online dating portal out there that you think does a better job, please let me know. Is it the content? The layout? Why are people afraid to buy this website?


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    I do not like the colors. The green and mauve or whatever those colors are, just don't go together.

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    The site doesn't look appealing ! It lacks something but i'm not clear of it. It may be due to boxes.... !

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    You need work on your design, and adsense box's looks terrible!

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    Thanks for the replies guys!

    So it seems that the site is just not visually appealing. That can be fixed!

    What about the idea of the website and its content. Obviously I don't expect you to read every last review and article on there, but do you think this is a good idea for a website? Like I said, I have made some money off of it. It seems that online gambling websites evolved into review-style sites like whereToDate, and it is only a matter of time for online dating sites to evolve into this. People must realize that if you start your own online dating service, it has absolutely no chance at competing with monster sites like, LavaLive, Yahoo, etc.

    Anyway keep up the feedback. Thanks again

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    Why would anybody want to use the website? It looks just like a thousand others whose role in life is to provide a vehicle for your adsense boxes. Even the articles have an advert in the middle.

    It doesn't wecome me and make me feel as if you have used all of the agencies - the reviews look like corporate handout.

    In any case, if I used the site and found an online dating site I liked I wouldn't need to use you again - it's like a oneshot service.

    And your big problem is that people won't ever find you. The site is lacking in so many of the basic SEO functions it is going to languish at the bottom of the heap for a long time.

    You need to cough up some bucks and get a decent designer to knock up some images and and style the site so it looks inviting as well as employing some basic SEO.

    But as you said, there are a lot of big operators out there spending big bucks to stay on top - so all you can hope for is a short lived niche before somebody else comes along.

    Note, a search for 'dating site reviews' returned 44 million results!

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    Thanks for the reply fisicx

    I thought your post was useful other than what you said about SEO. We have avioded Javascript, included as many keywords as possible, plus given unique titles and meta tags to every page. Is this not basic SEO? What basic SEO is the website lacking? I would appreciate if you could point me in the right direction there.. even a link to an article which covers what you see as basic SEO.


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    Your main navigation is javascript driven - you could to the whole thing with CSS making it much more accessible. Although I do note the text links in the footer.

    Your page titles all begin with the words 'Where to Date'. A unique title means writing a descriptive title - if you really want to include your branding put it at the end (but I would leave it out - it wastes 15 characters).

    Same thing with your description - 'Where to date?' in every one. And some of them are only a few words long. 150 characters for a description - make use of every character.

    You don't have a <h1>. This is absolutely vital - it introduces the page to your visitors and the robots.

    An opening paragraph is always good - it reinforces the title/description and header.

    Sign off the page with your keyphrase.

    And you might want to reconsider stripping out the HTML styling and if you really want to optimise get rid of the structural tables.

    The site still looks very 'affiliate'. It's full of adsense boxes and now you have moved the logo it's looks even more like you just want to make money rather than provide a service.

    Remember, perception is a key factor in this sort of website. There is nothing on the homepage that invites me in, no USP, no colours and when I do read a review I get no sense that the author has tried the service themselves - still looks like a press handout.

    Sorry to be brutal but there is such a proliferation of similar sites that you need something special to stand out from the crowd.

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    To answer your question about the viability of the site, there are thousands (millions?) of dating sites, article sites, review sites etc. Unless you have something special and get noticed via blogs and social bookmarking etc the site is not really going to kick off.

    If you are just another review site with bolt on articles then I don't thinks it's got the legs to survive.

    I wouldn't use this type of site - It takes a few seconds with a search engine to get a whole bunch of dating sites and I can visit each one to make my own mind up.

    Others may disagree but it's not for me.

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    Too many boxes, colors are awful. I would do a total redesign to set you apart from all the other (but same) online dating services. Everything that fisicx says is true.

    I showed it to my son - his response "gag me, not very likely"
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    Again, thank you to all for your replies.

    fisicx, the navigation is actually a mixture of javascript and 'normal' links, if you look closely. I don't believe this will hurt indexing, but I will look into it. I agree with you about the lack of effort put into meta tags, titles, and the lack of header text.

    I will look to add more 'roundness' to the website. It does look a bit box-y, I agree.

    Just to clear things up though, this website (as it is) will obviously not take over the world. My point about it being a better option than setting up your online dating service (I believe) is valid because of the low cost and maintnence for this type of affiliate website vs. your own dating service. Also, do you find a site that refers you to a great service like or Lavalife (which have millions of members) more useful than one that has its own software and a few dozen members, or shares a weak database of a few thousand members at the most? I certainly do. There is a decent amount of competition for this type of website as well, I don't disagree with that. With a bit of effort, at least I have a fighting (if not good) chance, though.

    The redesign will hopefully be done this weekend. Any other comments in the mean time are welcome!

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    Who are your potential customers? People looking to for a dating site or people looking for dating site reviews?

    Either way, you cannot let the site run itself. There are some very agressive companies pushing for top slot. So if you want to have even a very small slice of the cake you are going to have to do a lot to even keep up with the competition.

    It might be low cost but it certainly isn't low maintenance.

    And I did see the text links - but you could lose the JS nav as well, a couple of lines of CSS and its done

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    It`s looks very simple, you need to add more colors...

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