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    I'm new to this. Please help me find a good host!

    Hey everyone, I'm new here. I was wondering if you could help me out... I'm helping my sister shop around because she'd like to put her portfolio online. Since she's an art student I'd like to keep the cost low... something like $6-7 is fair, right? Keep in mind I'm in Canada so if the company is based in the US it's going to be a little more expensive for us.

    From looking through the threads I've already decided that we'll be using to register the domain name but now I'm stuck looking for the best cheap, reliable webhost available. So far the only candidate is, most likely the Hatchling plan (3.5 gb, 50gb bandwidth, $6.95 yearly & the support and cpanel are supposed to be very good). I'm kind of afraid to use DreamHost because appearently they oversell, but I'm not even completely sure if this is a bad thing...?

    I'm wondering if anyone could suggest other hosts I could look at? Or is this the best plan available? Is there anything else I should take into consideration? Please help, I'm a n00b at all of this...

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    To be honest, If you are new to this and you are looking for a good host i would not recommend a big company. I would go with a small one that can help you by giving you more experience and will help you when you need help. You may be paying the same price for a little less but it will probrablyhelp you in the long run rather than having questions and waiting a while to get it answered. If i remembered right it was host gator if not then it was another but a majority of these large companys do not provide you with the best support. Im not saying their bad they are great just that the time to get tp it may be slower than some others. But if you are not too worried about support then hostgator from what i know is great.
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    Have you got any other suggestions then?

    I've also looked into but haven't heard anything good or bad concerning them or their service so I don't know if I want to take that route.

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    Namecheap is good, i been using them for all my domains...

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    I wouldn't recommend any host that names itself after a dollar. But, check reviews and look at websites carefully. You will find something.

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    What I recomment is HostQuote. You can put the country, space you need and budget you have. Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cnv
    What I recomment is HostQuote. You can put the country, space you need and budget you have. Good luck.
    3 years ago someone recommeded Hostquote to me and to this day i'm still receiveing spam mail. I would not now nor ever recommend Hostquote to anyone. Better off doing a search on the forums there are many reputable hosts big and small with good pricing.
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    5,550 is decent. Tyler should add that more personal feeling to your hosting experience.
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    Welcome to the Forum, girlafraid.

    Being new to the Industry, best to start with a very small Hosting package and price and gain some experience. You'd be surprized at how long it can take to use up a few 100 MB of Web space. I would suggest your Sister put all the files to be used on the Web site, within one directory on her computer. That will give a good idea of much Web space will be needed to get started.

    As to which Hoster to use, best advice is to start making a list and checking it twice.

    Spreadsheet format might be best as you can detail why you like, don't like, someone Service. Once you have a shortlist of about 5 names you start getting serious. Contact them by eMail, phone, whatever, and ask a few questions about their packages. That should give who to start with now and who to immediately move to, if plan B is required. And don't lose that list!

    With any potential Hoster, Features / Price / Support can be checked out before signing up. The last point to consider, Service or Uptime, cannot usually be determined until one actually starts using it.

    To help overcome that, there are various places that provide Free or Paid uptime monitoring and the following three provide both:

    Using a combination of all on one Hoster or each on different Hosters, can give you a good idea on their Service before using them. And, as people are quick to complain and slow to praise -- just the way we are I guess -- look for a Forum at your potential Hoster. Reading through various posts will give a good idea of how other people judge the Hoster along with how they reply to posts.

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