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    Short Domain Names in .com, .net extensions wanted!

    Hello WEbHosting Talk Community,

    I am in the market for a few high quality domain names in the .com or .net extensions. What I am looking for in these domain names:

    1. 3 to 4 Character (.com/.net/.org)
    2. 3 to 4 Letter (No domain with the letters Q, Z or K will be considered.)
    3. One word (.com/.net/.ca)
    4. Short Phrase (.com)
    Please keep in mind I am only interested in pronounceable words nothing such as Also, I have no interest in domains regarding hosting. All offers may be made by PM only please with your asking price.

    At the moment I currently own over 350 domain names and i'm looking to expand and add new valuable domains to my portfolio.



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    Thank you to those who sent their offers via pm. Unfortunately, I have no interest or need for trademarked domain names or domain names which may invovle cyber squatting.

    Such offers will be ignored as these domains hold no value.



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    Here's my A list of domain names

    2-K,COM - 13 years old - super short - possibly the best domain name in the video games industry
    Co0,COM - 7 years old - Carbon Neutral - short and catchy
    GM3,COM - 13 years old - short, memorable
    VX8,COM - 6 years old - short, memorable
    PNBI,COM - 13 years old - PageRank 3 - DMOZ listed
    57i,COM - SOLD! $519.80
    LEPLAY,COM - 6 years old - great name for a gambling website - super brandable!
    ICEFREE,COM - 13 years old - product specific
    LAMCY,COM - 6 years old
    APICAD,COM - 3D related
    MODONO,COM - website included
    NEATIFY,COM - one word domain name
    IPODCOMPANY,COM - #2 on Google for "ipod company" comes together with appleshoponline,com and website
    APPLESHOPONLINE,COM - #2 on google for "apple shop online" comes together with ipodcompany,com

    Send offers to [email protected]

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