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    Quick Joomla installations + templates

    I have a quick Joomla installation + templates with very little budget for anyone wanting to make some paypal money today.

    Require Joomla 1.0.11 installed on two websites (have cpanel and ftp access) plus I need a joomla template installed on each - refer this link to Ja Acrus and Ja Wezen templates - - I have these and will supply zipped.

    Maximum payment of $20US on completion.

    Once installed, I have a further job to install a photo gallery script on each as a additional payment.

    Contact me quick. Need these up and running in the next 6 hours. I will be out for an hour shortly.

    Prefer someone with previous Joomla experience.

    My msn addy is [email protected]

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    MSN says your not a valid user...

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    That's wierd IcreCreamMan it worked for me! I added him but he hasn't added me yet

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    Hi Guys,

    My MSN is showing me online, but I am not sure it is working.

    I can be contacted direct on that addy by email.


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    ok, I added you again... just waiting approval

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    Job has been completed.

    Many thanks.


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