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    Question New to cPanel - MySQL question

    Hi all,
    I just perchased a dedicated server to move my site(s) from a VPS to DS. The server I bought uses cPane. I was able to get it all configured (with help from PSM) and now have one web site hosted there as a test.

    When I go into cPanel as the user for this web site and try to make a test database with MySQL, it creates a database with a name that tags on the user name. FOr example, say the user name for this account is User1 and the test database I try to creat is called testdb. Well, when I click the create button, the database that actually gets created is User1_testdb Is there something in the configurration settings in cPanel that I can set so that it will just create a database with the exact name I specify and not tag on the user name in front?


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    you can go in manually and change the database name via ssh. If you do that however you will lose phpmyadmin access via the cpanel as the username prefix ties it to that particular account

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    Why is that such a big deal?
    If you get more clients on your server it's better to keep it that way
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    This is the default naming convention for MySQL on cPanel so it can trace easily the ownership of a database.

    You can just adjust the database names in the scripts you are using and you should be fine.
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    That's the default settings of Cpanel. Also check the settings in the cpanel of that domain if you find the settings to remove the prefix.

    Thank you.


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